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Mavis community tire collection program

Where to Dispose of Your Scrap Tires

A Community Service of Mavis Discount Tire

Mavis community tire collection program

Mavis Discount Tire is proud to take a leadership role in the Westchester County Tire Collection Program.

While not required by law to do so, Mavis willingly performs this community service to help protect our shared environment. Doing so has the added health benefit of eliminating mosquito breeding grounds.

Mavis offers residents throughout Westchester County the convenience of a neighborhood tire collection center. Our Mavis locations in Westchester County will accept your scrap tires in an effort to make the county greener and healthier.

When you are ready to dispose of your old tires, Mavis Tires & Brakes will take them off your hands for a nominal handling fee of $1.00 per tire. We will accept up to 4 passenger car tires per person, per year, but cannot accept any tires from commercial businesses.

Please be sure the tires are unmounted, not full of water, and not covered in mud. We know they are used, we just don't want them very dirty.

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