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Mavis Discount Tire Installation Process

Mavis Discount Tire practices the science of Proper Tire Installation (PTI). PTI involves Mavis techniques governing high-speed wheel balance, precise torque application, and wheel protection measures.

PTI is performed by excellent, well-trained technicians, armed with advanced installation equipment. Each tech goes through the extensive Mavis PTI Certification Program, including training on a full range of vehicles -- from Hyundai Sonatas to Porsche Cayennes and are retrained as Mavis invests in new equipment and deploys new techniques.

With our well-trained staff, superior tire installation procedures and modern equipment, Mavis Discount Tire will make every effort to install your tires correctly.

Mavis Discount Tire Installation Services

High Speed Wheel Balance - Mavis Discount Tire uses computerized, high-speed balancers, which are properly calibrated on a regular basis. The proper application of this equipment helps protect rims from being scratched or bent. Glue-on weights are used as required.

Torque - It is standard procedure for Mavis to torque lug nuts to manufacturer specifications. Proper torque prevents over-tightening, which can cause vibration and premature rotor failure.

Wheel Protection - Our tire equipment locks onto the rim's (wheel's) inside or back side to help avoid scratching the outer surface. Plastic coated slide arms are used for added protection.

Mavis Wheel Alignment Service

With Mavis PTI, many auto tire wear problems are avoided at the outset. But driving through potholes, rubbing against curves and encountering other road hazards can introduce fresh new problems.

To prevent further damage down the road, you may need a top-notch Mavis wheel alignment. If so, simply drive in, make a reservation via our website, or call us at (800) 757-4291 from 8:30am - 6:00pm (ET) Monday - Friday (8:30am - 8:30pm Thursday), 8:00am - 5:00pm Saturday.