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About Us - Company History

store building How it all Started

Mavis Discount Tire has been saving people money on tires for more than 50 years! While the company was founded as Mavis Tire Supply Corporation in 1972, its roots can be traced back to 1949.

It all started with Vic's Cycle Shop, which repaired bicycles sold by its neighbor, a toy shop. In no time at all, the tiny shop developed a great reputation for performing seemingly impossible bicycle repairs. It quickly grew into a better equipped, better capitalized business. Its reputation of Value Oriented Service spread far and wide.

store building One day, a customer requested that the bicycle shop repair a flat tire on his car! Using bicycle tire repair tools, Victor was able to repair the tire and, before long, the neighborhood's bicycle wizard found himself in the automobile tire business. In 1965 Victor and his wife, Marion changed the shop's name to 'Vic the Tire King'. With their new name and focus, the owners became pioneers in the vastly expanding automotive era. On any given day in the early 1960's, a row of cars would be in line, waiting to be jacked up on the street to have their tires changed.

store building The MAVIS Name

By 1968, business was booming. It was time for the next step. With limited resources and no market analysis, the owners built a 7,000 square foot tire center on the other side of town.

In no time the new state-of-the-art facility was a success. By 1971 they had three stores. In 1972, striving for a more professional image, the operating name was changed to Mavis Tire Supply, one of the first multi-brand tire dealers in the New York area. (Incidentally, Mavis is derived from the first two letters of Marion's and Victor's names, and the first letter of their last name.)

In 1988, management of the family-owned business was passed on to the next generation.

store building Expanding the Mavis Brand

Mavis continues to grow with the acquisitions of Cole Muffler Brake in 2008, Somerset Tire (STS) in 2015, Kauffman Tire, Express Oil Change & Tire Engineers, and Brakes Plus in 2018, Town Fair Tire in 2020, and Tuffy Tire and Auto Service in 2021. This allows it to keep pace with changing market demands and conditions. Today, over 850 bright, clean, fully equipped Mavis service centers can be found in 21 states, see locations.

Mavis Discount Tire is one of the largest independent multi-brand tire dealers in the United States and offers a menu of additional services including brakes, alignments, suspension, shocks, struts, oil changes, battery replacement and exhaust work.

Mavis still operates that original 7,000 square foot store in Mt. Vernon. What's more, our tradition of Value Oriented Service originating with Vic's Cycle Shop will always be the backbone of the company.

Mavis Discount Tire looks forward to helping you save on your next new set of tires. Thank you for your business!

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